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Shared Housing Center
Our vision is to break the cycle of homelessness for the clients we serve. Our mission is to provide housing solutions with supportive services for homeless older adults, single parents with children and persons with special needs. We are celebrating 30 years of service this year!  

We have two direct core housing services with temporary expansion of housing programs as federal funds dictate. Our core programs include Homeshare - a roommate program that facilitates living arrangements between senior citizens who live in their own homes but are challenged by the economy to live independent and roommates, who find themselves homeless due to many factors. With our assistance, both clients receive assistance from us as well as each other. This program assists approximately 100 homeowners and 100 roommates annually.  

The second housing program is a transitional group residence assisting homeless single parents with children and homeless single older adults with housing for up to 12 months. This program assists 100 individuals per year. Both programs offer wrap-around services that include money management/budget classes, mental health counseling, job/career employment services, children's services as well as basic essentials. The additional housing programs from the federal government have included permanent housing placement with case management to provide stability. We have placed over 200 families into permanent housing in the past 4 years. What makes our agency unique is the "extended family" value we teach our clients. Clients learn to help one another and will move out into apartments nearby to continue the support system they have created. We also encourage our clients to maintain contact with us by providing a monthly food bank pantry, use of computers at our computer lab, opportunity to "shop" in our donation room for clothes, furnishings, etc. We also have three annual events - back to school event, Thanksgiving basket delivery and Holiday Hero, a party at the end of the year. In addition, we have created a scholarship program for the children who are attending college - oftentimes this means the children were in our program when they were 9, 10 or 11 and continue to stay connected.  

Assist with developing a calendar of activities, events, news, etc. that we can then follow and implement. If treated as a project, the timeline for this position about 20 hours for research, ideas, etc.
CONTACT: Maria Machado, Executive Director, 214-821-8510 x116