Civic Strides: Connect

    Civic Strides Connect aims to harness the talents of the 3,000+ individuals within the Dallas Business Club by efficiently connecting members to the many needs of DFW civic organizations in an ongoing basis. We believe the DBC has tremendous untapped individual expertise within our membership ranks from which many worthy non-profit organizations could gain real benefit if a connection can be established. This differs from our Civic Strides Core program which pairs a limited number of organizations with the Club once per year.

The DBC website will act as the medium to both field proposals from civic organizations and post approved board seats or projects that individual DBC members can then opt into should a match exist.

I represent a non-profit with a need – how do we get involved?

The process is simple – ensure that you have a qualifying need, submit an application for review, and upon approval await a match to your posted opportunity.

At this time, a qualifying need is either a call for 1) Board leadership or 2) project-based support that requires a specific skillset and has a defined deliverable with a reasonable commitment and timeline. More details are requested in the application form below. Each organization needs to meet the following general criteria:
  • Strong involvement with our local community
  • Non-controversial mission
  • Examples of charitable missions could be, but are not limited to, social services, healthcare, environment, arts and education, etc.
I am a DBC member interested in a board leadership opportunity or a project-based initiative – how do I get involved?

Review the opportunities under the categorized listings below and reach out directly to the identified point-of-contact. If a connection is made and no further search is required by the organization, please notify the DBC so the listing can be removed or updated. Currently, we have categories for opportunities in Board Leadership or engagements in functional areas like Marketing, Finance/Tax, Strategy/Operations, IT, Legal or Other.
Board Leadership
  1. Friends of Wednesday’s Child
  2. Deaf Action Center
  3. Shared Housing Center
  4. Rainbow Days
  5. Flying Crown Land Group
  6. Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce
  7. Dallas Furniture Bank
  8. Susan G. Komen Dallas County 
  9. Wilkinson Center
  1. Shared Housing Center
  2. Family Pathfinders
  3. Wilkinson Center
  1. Flying Crown Land Group
  1. Dallas Furniture Bank


  1. Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Note – The DBC does not represent or guarantee outcomes, nor shall it bear any liability in any way for activities that may result following a match. Any engagements, commitments or contracts are between the individual and the civic organization only.