Frequently Asked Questions

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Q--What is the main purpose of the Dallas Business Club?

A--The DBC provides a platform for high-level networking within a peer group of similarly-minded professionals.

Q--Who is eligible to participate?

A--Anyone may become a DBC member (Inner Circle).  Only MBA graduates from any of our founding MBA Programs can serve as Board Members or as Club Officers.

Q--How many eligible alumni are there in DFW?

A--We have asked each alumni chapter to estimate their total membership in DFW. The total estimate is 10,000!

Q--Are dues required?

A--No, however, DBC members have access to discounted ticket prices, receptions, special offers from other clubs and organiztions or hosted evenings at special events.

Q--What is the Inner Circle Membership all about, it sounds exclusive? 

A--It is exclusive and entirely optional. From time to time, special offers and promotions are offered to the DBC because of it's demographics. Inner Circle Members will be extended these exclusive offers to limited events, special pricing to exclusive clubs and invitations to exclusive gatherings. 

Q--I like the concept of the DBC, how might I contribute?

A--Please consider joining one of the committees. Just contact the Chairperson of the committee that interests you most through the links provided on "Contact Us".