Rich Stephenson, Vice President DBC

stephenson--rich--vanderbilt- CEO, REDU Health

Graduated from Vanderbilt Business (Owen) in 1999 with a concentration in Finance. He currently serves as CEO of REDU Health, a startup where he wears many hats.  As in all startups, Rich's responsiblities include business development, product development, pricing, partner management, marketing, and finance.


In his free time, Rich enjoys cycling around White Rock Lake and bringing people together for a common cause. He has led Vanderbilt Business / Owen Alumni Groups in the different cities including Louisville, Chicago and now Dallas.  Please contact Rich to connect with the Vanderbilt Business group in the DFW area.


In his spare time, Rich prefers traveling to places to learn about their history and culture.  In October, he toured Cairo and the Nile River visiting the ancient monuments, tombs and temples.  


Richard grew up in Lexington and went to graduate school in Nashville.  He worked for Humana in Louisville and Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago. In 2006, Rich moved to Frisco and now calls Dallas home. 


He joined the Dallas Business Club around 2018 and has served as the Marketing Committee Chair in 2022.