Prison Entrepreneurship Program

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Prison Entrepreneurship
Yes, you’re reading this correctly.
And no, this is not about producing more successful drug dealers.
The U.S. is the most heavily incarcerated nation in the world, and Texas has the dubious distinction of housing the largest number of prisoners in our nation. Yet, as well as we may do in catching criminals and locking them up, we’re not doing so well in preparing them for a crime-free life upon release, resulting in high rates of repeat crime and recidivism that are devastatingly expensive by all fiscal and social measures.

For more than 10 years, the acclaimed Prison Entrepreneurship Program has been working in Texas to change those outcomes. We invite you to come see how PEP builds a new community – one of accountability and encouragement – on a foundation of values-based entrepreneurship to facilitate the whole life transformation of the incarcerated men – and volunteer executives – it serves.

With our program expanding to a second unit outside of Dallas, there’s no better time to get involved.

For more information on PEP and available volunteer opportunities, please contact Natalie Baker, Dallas Executive Relations Manager, at