Flying Crown Land Group: Strategy/Operations

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Flying Crown Land Group
Flying Crown Land Group is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to relieve the burdens of government, including reducing the financial burden related to the maintenance, expansion, development, and management of governmentally-owned aviation property. We currently have over 750,000 sq feet of aviation related real estate under management and are conducting numerous redevelopment projects of various sizes up to $100MM.

Our business model is based on social enterprise; that is we treat our organization like a business, but with a conscience to advance the social good. We act as developers to airport authorities/municipalities and provide turnkey solutions for public-private partnerships in aviation real estate."

We have an aggressive goal of completing several high-profile real estate transactions that are highly complex and require public-private partnership models. The typical project requires all elements of business including marketing, architectural master planning, graphic design, and finance capabilities. While the projects have very long lead times, they are done in start-stop phases where much is required, then nothing for months, therefore, the time required is flexible and virtual.   or  
CONTACT: Stephen Birch,, 214-550-1450