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Rainbow Days
Rainbow Days’ mission is to inspire and prepare children to live a life filled with hope and promise. Rainbow Days has been serving children and families in the Dallas community for over 32 years through quality, effective and research-based programs that clearly demonstrates measurable impact in the lives of children living in high-risk situations.  

The statistics facing children in our community are staggering:
  • One in four Dallas children lives in poverty
  • Nearly 2 out of 10 students in grades 4-6 in our community are already experimenting with alcohol
  • Half of all lifetime cases of mental and addictive disorders begin by age 14
  • Nearly 60% of all juvenile offenders came from households living below the poverty line
  • Almost half of the total homeless population in Dallas County is women with children
  • Homeless children are 9 times more likely to repeat a grade and 4 times more likely to drop out of school
  • Homeless children have 3 times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems as non-homeless children
The Annie E. Casey Foundation states, “Concentrated poverty puts whole neighborhoods, and the people living in them, at risk. High-poverty neighborhoods are much more likely than others to have high rates of crime and violence, physical and mental health issues, unemployment and other problems.”

Rainbow Days meets this critical need in our community through an array of award-winning programs. Through weekly support groups using Rainbow Days’ own curricula, summer day camps, mentored activities, family outings and other supportive services, Rainbow Days improves children and youth’s mental and behavioral health by teaching them a core set of life skills and providing guidance and emotional support of caring adult mentors. Rainbow Days’ programs’ target children and youth, ages 4-15, who are living in low-income and high-risk environments in the Dallas community and focus on equipping this youth with the skills and support they need to overcome adversity, make healthy choices, and set positive goals for the future, including staying in school and staying crime, violence and drug-free. Rainbow Days partners with over 80 different local organizations, including schools, recreation centers, shelters, domestic violence centers, transitional living centers and juvenile detention centers across the Dallas area to benefit over 11,000 children and youth each year.

In addition, through Rainbow Days’ Trans4m Training Division, Rainbow Days equips other helping professionals throughout the country to make a positive impact in the lives of children they serve through training in Rainbow Days’ own Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) program and other innovative programs.

Many things make Rainbow Days a unique charity in this community –
  • Grassroots – Rainbow Days’ was founded 32 years ago in Dallas to meet the needs of young children who had a family member that was affected by substance abuse. The organization is still led today by its’ visionary founder, Cathey Brown, who has grown the organization into a nationally recognized entity for quality prevention programs and she is a sought after speaker in the area of nonprofit leadership.
  • Developed Innovative Curricula – Rainbow Days’ Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program has been recognized by the National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs & Practices and has one of the highest ratings of any prevention program received to-date.
  • Charity ‘behind’ the Charity – Often Rainbow Days’ programs are not ‘seen’ by the community because the programs and services are delivered in partnership with over 80 different organizations, like schools in Dallas ISD, and shelters like Family Place and Salvation Army and many others. Our strategy is to reduce barriers of participation by families by bringing our programs and services to them through partnerships with these organizations. This allows schools to focus on education and shelters to focus on the immediate needs of the family, while Rainbow Days steps in to provide an array of proven programs that are making a lasting positive difference in children's lives.
Board Leadership Rainbow Days is actively seeking new Board members to support the important work of Rainbow Days in the community. Rainbow Days’ Executive Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of community volunteers who are passionate about the mission of Rainbow Days and eager to give their time, financial resources, expertise, talent and connections to help strengthen and govern the organization. The Executive Board of Directors meets monthly, typically on the third Thursday of each month over the lunch hour. In addition to making a financial commitment and time commitment to attend the majority of Board meetings, the Board is encouraged to join a committee which meet monthly and allow Board members to tackle specific goals and strategies can be accomplished. These committees include: Resource Development, Marketing, Board Nominating & Development, Pot of Gold Luncheon, Social Enterprise, Finance and Audit. The overall time commitment is approximately 3-6 hours per month. Specifically, the Board is seeking individuals with a background or skills in marketing/public relations, entrepreneurship and finance. Board terms are 3 years.

CONTACT: Tiffany Beaudine, Director of Development, tiffanyb@rainbowdays.org, 214-217-3814