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Friends of Wednesday's Child
Friends of Wednesday’s Child is passionately committed to helping children in foster care be successful in school and in life. With over 30 years of experience, FWC has our fingers on the pulse of the foster care community, we are the go-to agency for Child Protective Services caseworkers, private placement agencies, and foster families when they have educational needs for their foster children.  

We serve approximately 6,000 foster youth in North Texas aged infant to 22 years old. Taken from their families because they have experienced abuse or neglect, these children frequently lack an adult supporting their educational success. Consequently, their educational outcomes are heartbreakingly poor. Recent studies show that at least 50% of Foster Youth are not graduating from high school on time or at all. This is due in part to the instability of their lives. It is imperative that the educational outcomes for foster youth become a priority. Without educational success, foster youth are ill-equipped to support themselves and the cost to these children and society is extraordinary.  

FWC’s ultimate goal is to increase high school graduation rates, decrease education disparity, and ensure North Texas foster youth have a plan for their future.  

Like many other kids we know, foster youth have high hopes and aspirations. With support they too, can realize their strengths and abilities to achieve their goals. For further information about our work, please contact Sharon McGowan, Executive Director, or by phone at 972-231-1433, ext. 202.  

As a member of the Board of Directors of Friends of Wednesday’s Child (FWC), you would be fully committed and dedicated to the mission of FWC. As a board member of FWC, I have the obligation to appoint and evaluate the Executive Director, help establish strategic direction, set broad policy, and steward the assets, all in support of the organization’s stated mission. I commit to fulfilling these obligations with my time, talent, treasure and relationships. Some of those obligations include: preparation, fiscal oversight, active participation in board meetings, active participation in major events and program events, positively representing the organization, contributing to our overall fundraising efforts, assisting with board development and supporting the staff.  
CONTACT: Sharon McGowan, Executive Director,, 972-231-1433, ext. 202