The Dallas Business Club's Officers for 2019 are listed below. It is thanks to this vital, "hands-on", core of alumni that the Dallas Business Club has enjoyed such fantastic growth over the last decade.

2019 Officers and Executive Committee Members:

President: Camille Wingo - Duke Fuqua
Vice President: Matt Horine - Pepperdine Graziadio
Secretary: Mark Williams - Baylor Hankamer 
Treasurer: Ash Warren - Carnegie Mellon-Tepper

Past Presidents: 
2018—Fred Brown-Pepperdine Graziadio
2017—Charlotte Arnold-TCU Neeley

2016—Alden McCall-Thunderbird
2015—Dice Nakamura-Baylor Hankamer

2014—Rob Howell-Yale SOM
2013—Brant Brown-SMU Cox

2012—Sean Lofgren-Northwestern Kellogg

2011—Cameron Larkin-Columbia CBS

2010—Jeff King—Northwestern Kellogg

2009—Johann Tse-Insead

2008—Cody Bateman-Duke Fuqua/Johann Tse-Insead

2007—Alden McCall-Thunderbird