Dallas Fed has extended an invitation to members of the DBC to join Texas Business Outlook Survey


The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Dallas Fed) has extended an invitation to members of the Dallas Business Club to join the Texas Business Outlook Surveys.

Keeping tabs on the Texas economy is an important function of the Dallas Fed, and they do that best by partnering with real businesses through the Texas Business Outlook Surveys, which include the Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey, Texas Retail Outlook Survey and the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey.

The Dallas Fed has electronically surveyed about 350 manufacturing, service industry and retail corporate executives since 2007 on current business conditions in Texas. The short questionnaire is transmitted via email each month and asks whether indicators such as production or revenues, employment, prices and general business activity have increased, decreased or remained unchanged. Respondents are asked how these measures have changed from the previous month and what their expectations are for changes six months ahead.

The data collected provide Dallas Fed economists with information on changes in state business conditions that help shape the formulation of monetary policy. Aggregate survey results are published in reports available online at www.dallasfed.org/research/surveys. You are encouraged to visit this site to learn more about the surveys.

Specific details of each response are held in strict confidence, and the Dallas Fed assures that respondents’ names and company affiliations will never be disclosed. Completing the multiple-choice, electronic survey is straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes each month.

The Dallas Fed would greatly benefit from your company’s monthly participation and welcomes any questions you may have. Please contact Emily Kerr at (214) 922-6941 or by email, at emily.kerr@dal.frb.org to enroll in this monthly survey. They look forward to hearing from you!